Welcome To The Ranch!

Breeding and Selling Longhorns in Eastern Montana

Our ranch is located 10 miles north of Red Lodge Montana. We are at the base of the Beartooth mountains, the gateway to Yellowstone Park. We started raising longhorns May of 2008. My husband comes home with a stock trailer loaded with twelve cows, and one little Trail Dust son, with a big grin on his face. I, however, was not grinning. This began what would become a great love affair between myself and longhorn cattle. There are now fifty longhorns on this property. Every spring it is exciting to see the color combinations of the calves. No solid black boring pasture for us. The progression of horn growth from previous seasons, and the color they eventually become. Fall branding has become a family affair with a big barbecue. We take pride in being caretakers of this land and the animals that live on it. All our feed is grown here. By the end of winter all the fertilizer needed is ready to be harrowed back into the land. We never use hormones, antibiotics are only used if life threatening illness is involved. Our goal is to produce good bodied animals with horn base as well as length, temperament, and to have the healthiest animals possible. We strive to continually improve our herd genetically to produce the best of these legendary cattle. So if you are looking to start your own love affair with longhorns, we have an open ranch policy. Visitors are welcome to see for themselves, and maybe take one or two home.

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